Katherine Heigl: the new Barbarella?

With the heated debate over the moral repercussions of Eli Roth’s latest blood fest currently dominating the blogosphere, it’s high time to switch over to a lighter and altogether more pleasant subject…

You’ve probably heard by now that they’re planning a Barbarella remake. Some are screaming blasphemy already, but I’m all for it. Apart from the shagadelic art direction and Jane Fonda’s impossibly sexy leading role, the original has lots to improve on.

Robert Rodriguez will be helming the project. Sounds like a groovy choice to me. The guy has a natural flair for superficial, glossy trash and Barbarella’s universe should be right up his alley. What’s more: this is the man who gave us Desperado’s Carolina and Sin City’s Gail, so I trust him to push the costume designs in the appropriate, sleazy direction.

There’s just one big question: How on Earth are they going to find an actress as INSANELY HOT as Jane Fonda in her prime? It’s impossible, right?

Well… almost impossible.

I present you: Katherine Heigl.

A spectacular blonde with dark brown Bambi eyes, a killer body and genuine acting chops. If this isn’t tomorrow’s It-Girl, I’ll eat my shoe before a rolling camera. Honestly, you don’t actually believe it’s the dorky Seth Rogen that’s responsible for drawing massive crowds to Judd Apatow’s sleeper hit comedy Knocked Up, do you? Of course not, it’s Izzie Stevens from Grey’s Anatomy!

Just watch this clip and nod in approval:

No need for a screentest: Katherine Heigl is the 5-star double-rated astro-navigatrix of the future!

Sure, I’ve heard the other names that have been tossed around. I love Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson, but they’re too short for the role. Uma Thurman or Cameron Diaz? Old hat. Drew Barrymore? Sorry, not up to standard. Angelina Jolie or Rose McGowan? Way too dominant. (Barbarella is submissive at heart, not a sexual predator!) Jessica Alba? Small potatoes. Kate Beckinsale? Hold on–that’s actually a pretty decent second choice, but surely no match for Heigl…

Just picture this girl in a transparent perpex top and plastic thigh-high boots… Mr. Rodriguez, are you paying attention? (And now we’re at it: for God’s sake, keep the title sequence, will ya?)

Is anyone with me on this? Am I leaving out any promising contenders? Let me know! Meanwhile, here’s one more pic:


26 Responses to Katherine Heigl: the new Barbarella?

  1. Bob Cumbow says:

    Well, I’ll leave the casting of Barbarella to you and Robert–but what about the angel? Jude Law in place of John Philip?

  2. Peet, you are ever the visionary, and I cannot help but concur. Do you remember that awful Gerard Depardieu movie she made her debut in– <i>My Father the Hero</i>? I saw that when it came out and figured she was one for the trash heap, and she was only 14 at the time. But talk about a turnaround, not only in terms of exceptional beauty, which is undeniable, but in acting as well. I wasn’t excited at all about Barbarella until I started thinking about her in the title role. And, of course, we must all understand that Rose MacGowan has the inside track here. Hey, you don’t happen to have Rodriguez’s e-mail address, do you? 🙂

  3. Peet says:

    Bob: Jude Law would be perfect!

    Dennis: I left a note at Rodriguez’s MySpace page. I’m afraid that’s the best I can do.

  4. Barbarella remake – feh!
    Wasn’t that called CQ?

    It sounds like a good idea on the surface, but when you examine it, the flaws become gaping…
    first of all, Rodriguez is totally the WRONG person to do this – he has the subtle touch of a sledgehammer. Secondly, I don’t think that anyone now can really tap into that mixture of sex and innocence that’s in the original strips and the Fonda movie, flawed as it is.

    He should go back to doing JOHN CARTER ON MARS… now there’s something no one has seen yet.

  5. Peet says:

    Good point, Robert. Naive and submissive are so five decades ago. Wether Rodriguez pulls it off or not, we can be sure that he’ll make Barbarella a helluvalot more bad-ass. There may be some wide-eyed innocence at the start, but eventually there will come a point where we’ll hear her say something like “Don’t call me babe!” and a whole planet will be annihilated. Personally, I’d prefer it if she fucks a whole alien race to death, but that may be too much to ask for an American remake.

    I own CQ on DVD and Roman Coppola did a fantastic job of recreating Barbarella’s world. Lovely little film!

  6. Peet says:

    To ease the pain, Rose McGowan could be the evil Black Queen. Although I would much prefer Rosario Dawson in that role.

    The hairy Ice Man could be… Robin Williams? 😉

  7. abarclay12 says:

    I think she’d be oddly good in the part. It’s different from all the other kind of boring stuff she does. I’d watch it.

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  9. loljesus says:

    wow….damn knockout!

  10. Rico says:

    Check out Knocked Up at the theatres if you havent seen it yet. She is smokin hot and the movie is hilarious.

  11. Phillip says:

    You incredibly horny man.

  12. vaskito says:

    just watched the Knocked Up on dvd and I’m with you on this..

  13. Walt says:

    Say, Let’s not stop here remaking Barbarella. Let’s have Uwe Boll remake Citizen Kane, Chris Columbus remake Chinatown, and hell, let’s not be limited in our vision here, remake Star Wars with Akiva Goldsman scripting and Paul Greengrass directing with lots of unstable shaking handheld camera.

  14. AC says:

    Katherine is insanely hot here. I’ve never seen these pics (except the FHM or Maxim shot) Whew.

  15. Od says:

    I don’t think I was even born when the og Barbarella was released but as far as Katherin Heigl goes her talents, acting and her voluptous curves, will make any movie stand out as she has the whole pkg. I first saw her in Grey’s Anatomy and her acting is far better and more compelling than any of the others in the cast. Also, her acting in Knocked Up and more recently in 27 Dresses were roles beautifully played by this not so typical Hollywood- image-of -an-actress (skinny sticks)…this woman has potentail to cast various roles and we’re only seeing the beginning of her acting career!! Go HEIGL!!

  16. jeff says:

    my response

  17. Dev says:

    Heigl would be great, but Heather Graham might be even better for Barbarella, imho.

  18. Stranger says:

    Some people mention vision and boring.

    Remakes are the very epitome of boring and vision is something extremely few have, especially in these times.

    I have no interest in a rehash (or the exceptionally narcissistic term “reimagining”) of something that was crap to begin with.

  19. john Brandenburg says:

    I agree! Kathy Heigle for Barabarella! She has just that look of “daughter of the aristotracy looking for some adventure” that Jane Fonda brought to the orginal. Now we must ask the next question : who should play the “Great Tyrant” ? My vote : Ashely Judd!

  20. m says:

    whenever i see miss heigle doing anything remotely sexy i feel totally shocked. i can’t believe she was raised Mormon!!!! although i must admit she is quite attractive.

  21. ivan zazueta says:

    you are very hot katheryn

  22. lost says:

    the last Barbarella was the pornographical sci fi of that day, but now looking back it is less radical and more temp. is the new one going to be based on the radical 21st century with nudity and higer levels of violence???

  23. flip says:

    sorry, my take for Barbarella would have to be CHRISTINA HENDRICKS from Mad Men. she’s the perfect buxom beauty to play her and is an amazing actress to boot…

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