Embarrassing Movie Posters #15

Do you want your woman to love you real good? Just cage her! 🙂


10 Responses to Embarrassing Movie Posters #15

  1. Prank Videos says:

    hehe! kinky poster

  2. Artura says:

    and a cast of ‘100 WOMEN’ lol

  3. Peruchito says:


  4. Kmuzu says:

    Hmm .. strange .. no mention of the sea men.

  5. sumit says:

    who s lucky??? not the audience for sure or it is? 🙂

  6. gsb says:

    wow, please tell me where you’re digging these poster images up. please, please, please. any links or anything….

  7. Doc says:

    May Britt! She almost married Sammy Davis Jr right?

  8. Dodal says:

    Hey.. nice post 🙂 thank you!

  9. Patricia L. Ballard says:

    May Britt was married to Sammy Davis, Jr.

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