NEGATIVE SPACE #18: Stuck in La Mancha

May 26, 2007

(Click on the image to see this cartoon slightly larger.)

The Kuleshov effect according to Steven Seagal

May 26, 2007

After discovering Dennis Cozzalio’s blog entry on the hilarious Chuck Norris Facts website, I was reminded of the chart below that I had filed under “Nonsense” on my laptop.

Mr. Norris may come with a mean pack of one-liners (There is no chin under Chuck Norris’ Beard. There is only another fist), but mr. Seagal is armed with lethal acting skills. Lev Kuleshov would have a field day experimenting with this master of action cinema.



NEGATIVE SPACE #17: Another inconvenient truth

May 20, 2007


Sunshine and The Cinematic Experience

May 16, 2007


Sunshine, a sci-fi epic, directed by Danny Boyle, about a team of scientists sent on a mission to reignite a dying sun, is neither a mindless Michael Bay extravaganza nor a chin-strokey affair in the vein of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris. It’s the cinematic oxymoron many of us have been waiting for: the thinking man’s action movie. It also happens to be gobsmackingly stunning, ruthlessly intense, handsomely cast and blessed with a 100% INSANE last act that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but had yours truly grinning from ear to ear. Danny Boyle’s Sunshine is a spectacle quite impossible to put into words, and that’s exactly what makes it brilliant cinema–albeit the kind that’s difficult to defend on theoretical grounds.

Read the rest of this (spoiler-free) article on The House Next Door. Yes, you heard me. Go on now!

NEGATIVE SPACE #16: Torture porn victim

May 6, 2007


Embarrassing Movie Posters #11

May 4, 2007


God, this is truly embarrassing…