About Peet

By day, Peet Gelderblom directs, edits and develops commercials, TV programs and broadcast design at an Amsterdam-based production company. By night, he scribbles funny little men in orange robes.

Peet [left] with DP Remko Schnorr

Depending on which side of Peet you’re most familiar with, you either think he’s following his muse or wasting his talent. He’s been obsessively creative since a teenager; always drawing, writing, performing, shooting Super-8 shorts or composing songs. In his twenties he was the singer in a funk band called Dirty Laundry. He studied Graphic Arts in Rotterdam and briefly worked as a copywriter and desktop publisher, before making the audiovisual switch to motion graphics and digital editing. He created station identities, leader packages, promos and title designs for a range of TV channels.

Between 2004 and 2008, he was the founding editor of 24LiesASecond.com, a now-defunct platform for provocative film criticism with an underdog bite. His friend Jim Moran was the site’s editor-in-chief. All of the 24Lies articles have found a permanent home at The House Next Door.

Peet lives right in the heart of Holland with his Danish wife, two wonderful sons and a cat called Diesel.

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