The screen speaks



No shake of hands
No kiss goodbye

There is no door to my side of the world
Only windows to see through
Cold glass to lay an ear against

Draw the curtain
Watch me dance
I long to show you
You need to see me

The closer you look, the nearer I come
So feast your eyes:
Let my glorious reflection
Paint the blush on your grey face

I am immortal
I am ideal
I am illusion
Too good to be

Look at me!


The above monologue was taken from a screenplay I wrote for an as yet unrealized short film, titled Remote Control.

One Response to The screen speaks

  1. Peet, this is mesmerizing and eerie. I can imagine Les Carlson, as Barry Convex, intoning those words and sucking me right into the pulsating, static image.

    Speaking of your short films, I finally got my all-region player up and running on Sunday, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying that reel of commercials you sent to me. You need to direct a feature, my friend. They’re brilliant. I’ll send an e-mail very soon. Thanks for the delightful DVDs. Dr. Who is next!

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