Embarrassing Movie Posters #12



10 Responses to Embarrassing Movie Posters #12

  1. Who plays the lead whore?

  2. Kevin says:

    i heard it was your mom, actually.

  3. Dan says:

    That’s possibly the greatest film title / tagline combo ever. I’ve read it six times now, and I still laugh aloud every time.

  4. Tyler Knott says:

    “Hi, I’m a Mac……Hi, I’m Bai Ling.”

  5. Artura says:

    There is a review for this on http://www.mrqe.com/lookup?the+whore%27s+son

    See, some people take it seriously lol

  6. PaulM says:

    To be remade in a few years, this time starring Sean Preston Federline in the title role in a bit of typecasting.

  7. Dominik Brueckner says:

    I just saw this movie last week, and it is actually very good! I agree the title/tagline comes off a bit clumsy, maybe this background helps: the original title in German (it’s an Austrian film) is “Hurensohn” which translates to “son of the bitch”, which the main character is frequently called when growing up in Vienna. He struggles to come to terms with his Mom’s job in the redlight district. Obviously, the pun of the Austrian title got lost in the English translation. But it’s a serious, well acted, and tragic film – if you’re still willing to give it a chance! 😉 The whore is played by Chulpan Khamatova.

  8. IY says:

    oh thats great. thats fcuking awesome!! ‘she’s still your mom’ haha !!! my personal fav on the list…

  9. Jim says:

    And what a lovely whore she is! 🙂

  10. Steve says:

    So, how old was the whore when she had the son … 3? 4? That must have been awkward, both having the same home room … both trying to borrow the car from father/grandfather …..

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