NEGATIVE SPACE #9: War & popcorn


Click on the image to see the cartoon in a larger resolution.

For those who are wondering, click here for information on the upcoming Redacted. To learn more about the Al-Mahmudiyah Incident, click here.


6 Responses to NEGATIVE SPACE #9: War & popcorn

  1. syb says:

    Nice cartoon Peet! Like the way you did the blur…

  2. bigeyedeer says:

    Nice cartoons mate, good ideas behind them. Plus your celebrity likenesses actually look like the people you;re drawing! So far, only my Tom Bosley has even vaguely resembled the celebrity I’m drawing. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Peet says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Phil! Love your cartoons at The Rut. Ruthlessly funny stuff!

    Was that Tom Bosley? Hmm, I couldn’t tell. 😉

  4. bigeyedeer says:

    cheeky bugger. 🙂

  5. jeremy says:

    perceptive and funny- good stuff.

  6. Peet says:

    Thanks, Jeremy!

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