Terrence Malick’s Moby Dick

About two weeks ago, the esteemed film critic Matt Zoller Seitz – who currently writes for The New York Times – asked me to do a lead illustration for his essential film blog The House Next Door. When I got the email, partly inspired by my recent Negative Space cartoons, I gulped so hard that Matt may have heard it from overseas.

As soon as he started mentioning key words like “minimalist,” “violence,” “obsession” and (most importantly) “Saul Bass,” however, I knew this was an offer I could impossibly refuse.

To read more about the fascinating film project below and to see my poster in a size that does the epic subject more justice, get thee to The House Next Door (clicking it there will enlarge it)!



8 Responses to Terrence Malick’s Moby Dick

  1. Jim says:

    Very, very nice Peet! Have you ever read the novel? It’s a…whale of a novel.

  2. HarryTuttle says:

    This is a beautiful poster! I like it. There some kind of Soviet Constructivism in there 😉

  3. Peet says:

    I haven’t read the novel, but I’ve eaten a piece of white whale once. Does that count? (That’s a joke, people.)

    Thanks, Harry!

  4. George says:

    nice work! The poster steals the thunder in Matt’s post 🙂

  5. Daniel The Walrus says:

    Malick?? Gibson?/ What???

  6. Kassana says:

    Can someone shed more light on this? Terrence Mallick? Where is this movie?

  7. IY says:

    me confused. thought malick was dead

  8. JokerUSMC says:

    Hey Guy,

    I would go see that movie. No Download, No Rental -pay the $20 to see it on the big screen. This movie should exist.


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