NEGATIVE SPACE #2: Steve Jobs keynote


That iPhone rocks, though.

His new position at the House of Mouse didn’t exactly slow the Jobster down.


3 Responses to NEGATIVE SPACE #2: Steve Jobs keynote

  1. Jim says:

    Hey Peet,

    Nice effect of Mickey in the background. How did you do it?

    And, yeah, that iPhone looks utterly amazing. But I’m going to wait at least a year until all the bugs are worked out and it does even more.

    Your friend and editor,


  2. Peet says:

    Ooh, have to watch my spelling now…

    How did I do that Mickey? That’s just my fuzzy drawing style, Jim.
    (Drum roll)

    Photoshop, my man. The effect is called a Gaussian blur, and just like with all the other colors in this cartoon, I’ve added a touch of digital “film grain.”

    Sadly, it will also take at least a year before the iPhone will be for sale. That’s what I’ve read, anyway.

  3. David Lowery says:

    I heard it would be shipping in June. But regardless, I’ll wait out this first generation before I buy one. I still wince when I see someone using an iPod without a click wheel…what technological wonders will early adaptors be depriving themselves of in this instance?

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