Keith Haring paints himself


I’m not an unconditional admirer of Annie Leibowitz‘s high-concept photography (A portrait of the Blues Brothers? Oh, I know: Let’s paint their faces blue… Genius!) and I’m not as crazy about Keith Haring as I used to be. But Leibowitz’s portrait of a body-painted Haring is without a doubt sublime.

At home I have a framed poster of that photograph. It’s on the wall of our lavatory, where it frequently startles unsuspecting guests. The picture is printed in full-color – despite the additional costs that such a decision entails – just so you can barely make out Haring’s pink skin underneath the black-and-white paint camouflaging his body.

Annie did Keith quite a favor with that portrait. With just one click of her camera, she helped a fellow artist reach the highest obtainable. In that fraction of a second, Keith Haring became one with his art.

It was the gift of a lifetime. And as early as Haring may have passed away, he will rest in peace forever.


9 Responses to Keith Haring paints himself

  1. Tamara Cottson says:

    Dear Mr Haring,
    After researching your work for a univeristy assignment, i decided base my final piece on your self-portrait. I am going to paint myself and my mother and fathers drawing room permanently black, i thought this is an abstract and deep way of expressing my emotions. I was also wondering if you would be avaible on the 26 of July to personally help me with my disertation. I study at Exerter University and it would an honour to work with your influential mind.
    Please get back to me as soon as possible
    on this number 07800968127
    thank you so very much

    Tamara Cottson

  2. john frusciante says:

    You can see his dong!

  3. Al Kidah says:

    Yeah, that old dong was what got him into trouble.

  4. Randall Ferguson says:

    I would like to buy a copy of Annie Liebowitz’s photo of a painted, nude Keith Hering. Where should I look? Thanks, RF

  5. Beyond the Grave says:

    Wow not much studying being done there Tamara..since Keith died 19 years ago! If he calls you call the papers!

  6. banana says:

    It’s Leibovitz, not Leibowitz.

  7. Jerry Brown says:

    I bought some fine art from a Hering Dealer. I don’t recall what I paid for it 15 years ago…the featured a.l. photo of Haring nude. Perfect condition…simple black frame…now in art storage due to Harings big wang dangling in the breeze which is deemed “offensive” to the Mother (my fascist sis) of my neices who visit our home at the beach all the time. It is flawless.

    I’ll let you have it for $1,000 plus shipping from L.A……..

  8. fest says:


    […]Keith Haring paints himself « Lost in Negative Space[…]…

  9. Al K.: It wasn’t his dong that killed him. It was someone who put his dong where it didn’t belong. (in Keith’s butt)

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