Embarrassing Movie Posters #5


13 Responses to Embarrassing Movie Posters #5

  1. Phillip says:

    Turns me on…

  2. Dan says:

    You do realize that this was meant to be a satire of the other genre films and their posters, right?

  3. TMac says:

    I actually love this film. It’s hilarious in it’s badness, and occasionally erotic.

  4. Harry Boner says:

    I saw this – it’s a lot of fun! It’s campy on purpose.

    “It’s time to put on your f*ck you boots and kick some ass.” Sybil Danning, in Reform School Girls

  5. cad says:

    This is supposed to be a put on of bad posters. Hello!

  6. Wow, I remember seeing this movie when it came out. Haha some movie memories are best forgotten!

  7. mike says:

    When did Oliver Hardy pose in drag?

  8. Anony Mouse says:

    This is a great movie poster with Drew Struzan art. If you think this is embarassing, you should probably look in the mirror for further embarassment.

  9. Mina Tweak says:

    Looks like Lunch Lady Land!

  10. Peet says:

    I get the intentionally campy “John Waters” feel. This poster is a celebration of bad taste. In other words: it’s proud to be embarrassing!

  11. Film Links says:

    This porn movie looks interesting

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